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Ever since a recently-engaged buddy of mine mentioned that she envisioned her bridesmaids in navy, I have been besotted by the chic color palettes that navy evokes. Navy is a perfect balance of classy and casual; all the bridesmaids featured here are wearing their hair (mostly) down, and yet they still look so very elegant. Here are a few of my favorite examples of the subdued hue — first in the same shade, and then mixing things up.

I love how these girls make the color their own by accessorizing with different colored shoes.

These ladies embody effortless class with universally flattering navy blue shift dresses.

Each of these bridesmaids was tasked with picking her own dress, and one of them actually made hers from scratch.

I love how seamless these girls pull off different shades of navy blue. Effortless and fabulous.


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