The tell-tale signs of fall are upon us. Crisp air. Heating pipes creaking as they return to use. College football. Dressing for fall weddings can be tricky (at least for me): how can I put on a dress when all I want to wear in this weather is jeans and sweatshirts? In an attempt to rally myself for upcoming weddings, I’ve picked a few of my favorite fall dress options.


Skyscraper Dress by Leifsdottir ($298.00) / Jane Dress by Sanctuary ($158.00)


Have a Fling Frock Dress by Nanette Lepore ($348.00) / Bachelor Pad Dress by Bailey 44 ($152.00)

B-52 Silk Dress by Trina Turk ($288.00) / Colorblock Dress by DKNY ($345.00)

Gemini Jumper Dress by Nanette Lepore ($398.00)



I love this color combination, featured in this Villagio Inn Winery wedding.

(AND the fabulous purple nail polish!!)

And I love the increased popularity of blended bridal parties (e.g., groomswomen, men of honor, etc.).

From the bride’s mouth: “To maintain a fun cocktail party look and feel, we decided on a “mismatched-but matching” wedding party.  I picked out each of the purple dresses for the girls – it was a quite challenge to make the style look cohesive, but still unique!  

We let the guys wear any khaki suit of their choice, and the ties and pocket squares were purchased from Etsy.  We even had a grooms woman (one of Matt’s close friends) in a similar colored khaki Jcrew dress, carrying an orange bouquet.  

We put our ring bearer in a sweater vest instead of a suit, and flower girls in causal dresses from J.Crew. “

Happy Friday!!

At first glance, these two bridal parties (featured in full here and here) might not appear to have much in common, but I would like to draw your attention to two critical components that have lead me to include them in the same post:

  1. They are pictured outside alongside furniture that is traditionally indoors (a  bed frame and a chandelier, respectively), a trend I adore
  2. I love their dresses and style

** Caveats: (1) These suggestions really only apply to the standard bouquet. If you’re carrying something less traditional (like, say, this or this), I’m afraid I’m not going to be terribly helpful. (2) Always follow instructions given by the photographer. Their vision trumps these basic guidelines.

For many bridesmaids, yours truly included, marching down the aisle is an intimidating experience. Everyone’s looking at you. Your photo is being snapped from every angle. You may be wearing a dress or shoes that aren’t especially comfortable. And you’re often carrying a hyper-feminine accessory, a floral bouquet, with which you haven’t the slightest idea what to do.

Here is a compilation of tips I’ve received from the pros over the years. (Blue Orchid Designs also has a great reference post on this topic.)

In my experience, the most common mistake bridesmaids make is carrying the bouquet too high. As beautiful as Jessica and Kate are (and they are knock-outs), it would be nice if they lowered their bouquets just a bit so we could see their dresses better.


Here is how it’s been explained to me:

1. With your dominant arm, wrap your hand around the bouquet, with your thumb and forefinger just below the blooms at the top of the stems. (Dominant arm because these suckers can get heavy after holding them for awhile, and this will be the arm that holds the bulk of the weight.)

2. Take your other hand and wrap it around the stems just below your first hand.

3. Lower the bouquet so that your thumb on hand (1) is roughly at your belly button.

4. Although it feels a little awkward, move your elbows slightly away from your body. Your arms will look more slender and toned (even if gym time has been scarce).

A few pics of the pros: perfect height, perfect hold, and perfect space between body and elbows. Oh, to be a princess.


My love affair with polka dots advances again with the fabulosity of these polka-dotted bridesmaids. (Extra points for polka-dotted flower girls!)


AND they have parasols. I love it.

I had the honor of attending an incredible New York City wedding over Labor Day weekend. The bride and groom are two incredibly beautiful and creative people (who are now honeymooning in Tanzania!), and I could not be happier for them. Here is just a little snippet of the wedding to give you a taste of the class and originality they infused.

They had these letters custom-made by a carpenter in Long Rhode Island.* The image served as the motif throughout the wedding, showing up at the back of the ceremony seating and even printed on the programs and menus.

Have a very happy weekend!

* Original error now edited: letters made in Rhode Island, not Long Island. Oopes!

Here’s some bridesmaids in white as a reminder of why white dresses can be oh-so-pretty any time of year.

Ladies clad in white J.Crew dresses in Napa.

An assortment of fabulous (from Monique Lhuillier and BCBG) in Scottsdale.

Bridesmaids’ dresses from Modcloth at this wedding in Mission Viejo.

Two sets of bridesmaids (featured here and here). All bedecked in fabulous dressing robes from Plum Pretty Sugar.


(The Frenchie wanted a robe, too.)

If Plum Pretty Sugar is outside your price range, but you like the idea of gifting this luxury to your maids, here are a few other, more budget-friendly, options.

DKNY “Floral Appeal” Robe at Nordstrom ($78.00); Lauren Intimates Hooded Robe at Nordstrom ($44.90); Calvin Klein Short Robe at Bloomingdale’s ($75.00); Softest Short Robe at the Gap ($34.95)

Although many brides still choose to have their maids dress alike, I’m seeing this less often than 5 to 10 years ago. That said, here are a few cases of “matchy-matchy” with a special twist.

Same shoes, same bouquets? Not for this bridal party. Matching your shoes to your bouquets? Why not?

I’ll see your matching shoes and bouquets and raise you a belt for this Oklahoma wedding.

And now for a completely revisionist take on matchy-matchy, as told by Rock n’ Roll Bride: “Her bridesmaids all adopted one CMYK colour and bought their dresses from various high street stores. They wore their own shoes and each girl even found a pair of Converse trainers in their colour to wear in the evening! The girl’s also each had a different colour bouquet to match and the bride had a bunch of white blooms. ”

And in case you, like me, didn’t know, here’s an explanation of the theme from the bride: “Graphic design is a massive part of our lives and to base our wedding on the colours that make up a lot of printed design work (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black) made so much sense to us.”

As previously mentioned, I’m having a love affair with polka dots at the moment. Here are a few cute ways to incorporate them into wedding gifts.


Large serving platter, Crate & Barrel ($12.95)

Colossal Dots Curtain, Anthropologie ($138 – $198)

Espresso Cup and Saucer for four, Target ($39.99)

Kanae Large Clock, Y Living ($220)

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