Geographic identity:

  • Born and raised in the midwestern United States, which makes me the kind of girl who, when shouting “O-H,” expects an “I-O” in return
  • Living in New York City for the past four years, and committed to continue loving it for at least the next three, if not much much longer

Political biases: I am a proud liberal. I believe that a wedding should represent the couple who is getting married. And the use of “couple” rather than “bride and groom” or “man and woman” is intentional.

Political biases aside, most posts will be from the perspective of a straight woman attending and participating in heterosexual weddings. Because that is the only perspective I have first-hand knowledge of.

And now, an abridged, photographic chronology of my experience at weddings (and at wedding-related events):

July 2005 (bridesmaid)

June 2007 (wedding guest)

March 2008 (bachelorette party)

July 2008 (bridal shower)

November 2008 (maid of honor)

July 2010 (bachelorette party)

August 2010 (bridesmaid)

September 2010 (co-maid of honor)