Although many brides still choose to have their maids dress alike, I’m seeing this less often than 5 to 10 years ago. That said, here are a few cases of “matchy-matchy” with a special twist.

Same shoes, same bouquets? Not for this bridal party. Matching your shoes to your bouquets? Why not?

I’ll see your matching shoes and bouquets and raise you a belt for this Oklahoma wedding.

And now for a completely revisionist take on matchy-matchy, as told by Rock n’ Roll Bride: “Her bridesmaids all adopted one CMYK colour and bought their dresses from various high street stores. They wore their own shoes and each girl even found a pair of Converse trainers in their colour to wear in the evening! The girl’s also each had a different colour bouquet to match and the bride had a bunch of white blooms. ”

And in case you, like me, didn’t know, here’s an explanation of the theme from the bride: “Graphic design is a massive part of our lives and to base our wedding on the colours that make up a lot of printed design work (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black) made so much sense to us.”