I love love love vintage style. Especially when done right. And it doesn’t get much righter than these fabulous maids. I cannot say it better than the bride herself (who happens to also be a fabulous wedding photographer), so quotes below are from her blog. (Most of the photos are also on her blog, but others were pulled from here.)

“It was important to me to not stifle [my bridesmaids]. They are all stylish, strong, gorgeous women and the last thing I wanted to do was force them into some same color/same dress situation. However, I did have a certain vision for the whole look of the day and I wanted to choose something that would give them freedom but also reflect the general style we were going for. I have always had an affinity for vintage dresses and loved the idea of taking a “green” approach. I knew I wanted them to all be in blushes, golds, and cream…

So Yelena Johnson and I set out one rainy LA afternoon to check out Shareen Vintage– otherwise known as a vintage-lovers heaven on earth. We combed through dress after dress in her racks and racks of beautiful vintage pieces and knew we had stumbled upon something gold! We set up an appointment with Shareen for a few months later and when we arrived with all the bridesmaids in tow she had pulled a bunch of dresses in our color scheme for us to try on!”

“I sent lots of links to shoes I thought might look good, but inevitably the girls all chose their own and they came out perfectly! Heather found these vintage blue velvet pumps which worked perfectly with our color palette and Gabe and Aubs went blue too!”

“Most of the dresses needed slight alterations but we added up the cost of all of the dresses and then divided the amount by 5 so the dresses definitely came out cheaper than any dress I’d seen listed as a “bridesmaid” dress online. Each dress had the perfect character for each individual girl and the whole look together really still said “Meg”!”