A good friend recently asked me about bridesmaids gifts (i.e. the ‘thank you’ a bride gives a maid). As a soon-to-be-married gal, she wanted input on what maids like (or don’t like).

It is probably worth mentioning at the outset that I have never been disappointed in any gift I received as a bridesmaid. It really is an honor to be asked, no matter how trite that sounds, so a gift is just the sprinkles on top of an already frosted chocolate cupcake.

For five of my six stints as a bridesmaid, I received jewelry, three of which were given with the specific intent that it would be worn for the wedding and was the same for all the maids (this, this, both with matching earrings, and this). For another, we all received gold lockets with a charm of our first initial along with a pair of earrings that differed for each. Perhaps my favorite was from my sister: she bought each of us a vintage broach, each different than the next, and a vintage-style handkerchief. (For the sixth, non-jewelry wedding, the bride bought personalized gifts for each of us, and I requested a gift card here.)

If possible, I think personalized gifts mean the most, although it is more time-consuming to pull that together (along with the 100s of other details a bride attends to in advance of her wedding). Here are a few other ideas that seem charming to me.

Morse coded necklace by COATT ($56), which you can customize for each maid with her name

Coin purse – B by Alphabet Bags ($20, approx.), which you can buy with the initial of the maid’s first name (although I went with ‘B’ for ‘bridesmaid’)

Custom leather luggage tag by Of The Fountain ($12.95), which is especially cute if it’s a destination wedding

Pewter Metallic Woven Women’s Vegan Classics by TOMS Shoes ($54), along with a note encouraging the maid to kick off her heels at the reception and let her feet rejoice in the comfort of TOMS

What do you think of these options? What’s the best bridesmaid gift you’ve ever received?