This idea may require a little more pre-planning, but it can add a special element to an otherwise boring item. Most linens—bath towels, sheets, dishtowels, etc.—can be monogrammed, either by the company that sells them or by a local embroidery shop. Purchase linens from the registry, and personalize it by adding a monogram. You can integrate the names of the couples in a multitude of unique ways—focusing on a newly common last name, including both last names if each half chooses to keep their own, or even requesting to have a motif the couple chose for the wedding integrated.


700 Thread Count Sheets ($229) + Monogramming ($7)

From Pottery Barn: “A tradition dating back six centuries, monogrammed linens remain widely popular today and they pay tribute to the original purpose of personalization. Monograms served the simple purpose of identifying laundry, and linens were marked with indelible ink at the corners, using a seal or stamp. Only the wealthiest families enjoyed embroidered monograms, usually in the form of a coat of arms, crowns or other heraldic symbols. It wasn’t until the 1800s that the middle classes adopted the custom of embroidering linens with family initials, a custom that paid homage to the nobility and made a statement of individual pride.”