Nothing is more “New York style” than a little black dress. Yesterday, I posted pictures of bridesmaids in little black dresses, so it seems only fitting that today’s “eye candy” post features chic maids in black with the most beautiful backdrop imaginable: the Brooklyn Bridge.

Not only were the venues for the ceremony and reception two of my favorite places (Brooklyn Bridge Park and Galapagos Art Space, respectively), this bride really knows how to manage a crowd.

From the photographer: “My favorite thing (and most creative I think) that Megan and Nick did for their ceremony was add a little game into the mix. Because where they exchanged vows is situated right next to the Manhattan Bridge every couple minutes a train passes, making some serious noise! Megan’s solution was to make a drinking game out of it. Every guest was given a plastic cup of sangria, as was the whole wedding party, and every-time the train came-they drank! Such a cool solution to a potentially totally annoying hiccup during the ceremony.”

Happy Friday!