“If you’re tired of New York, you take a nap-a, you don’t move to Napa!”* And if you’re tired of Napa, try the Finger Lakes in New York State. May not be as well-known as Northern California’s wine region, but a trip to this less-traveled domestic wine region will leave you singing the praises of New York wines. Be sure to plan a tasting at Dr. Frank’s–the dry riesling is fantastic!

The scenery in the area is absolutely breath-taking, so if the bride is the outdoorsy type, be sure to schedule some time to take a hike. Literally.

(Pictures taken at Robert H. Treman State Park.)

* Carrie Bradshaw to Mr. Big when he tells her that he’s tired of New York and moving to Napa Valley, in the classic show “Sex and the City.”

Have you been to the Finger Lakes region? Would you recommend it for a laid-back bachelorette party?