A bachelorette party can be held anywhere the bride wants, and should be in a location consistent with the bride’s vision for the event. (Beach party in Oklahoma City? I think not.) Although b-ettes are often held in the bride’s city of residence, many a betrothed are choosing to think of their ode to singledom as an opportunity to take a vacation with her besties. (I, myself, have been to South Beach twice in the name of bachelorettehood.)

When thinking of a destination for a bachelorette party, many bachelorettes fall back on the U.S. trifecta of party places: New York City, Miami, and, of course, Las Vegas. (For a spirited discussion on the topic, skip to 1:30 of this video clip.) Nothing against any of those locations–I’m especially fond of my adopted home, New York–but sometimes, a girl needs options.

Do you like to stay local or venture to a vacation spot for a b-ette? I will be making suggestions over time, and even reporting back on an upcoming b-ette trip to the Hamptons!