This dress may be beyond repair. But for smaller dress-related snafus, it’s helpful to be prepared with a day-of “emergency” kit.

First and foremost: Ask the bride what is and is not safe to use on her dress; many wedding dress fabrics are persnickety about this.

Here is a list of items I keep with me should tragedy strike the dress.

  • Baby powder–which I have been told is brilliant at masking any last minute dirt on white dresses
  • Clear nail polish–will stop a pantyhose runner in its steps (although the foolproof solution? no pantyhose)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Dryer sheets–as these can greatly improve any static cling issues you might face
  • Lint brush–which is useful for bridesmaids as well as groomsmen (because let’s face it, the men won’t have such a well-stocked day-of kit)
  • Safety pins
  • Scotch tape
  • Sewing kit
  • Tide pen or Shout wipes

Do you have any wedding dress horror stories? What would you bring to fix something small?