Yes, it’s the motto of the Boy Scouts. But it’s also great advice for all wedding attendants. Even the best laid plans sometimes fail, and when the metaphorical shit hits the fan, the maids should be prepared to intervene in whatever way necessary.

Personally, I find that on the day of the wedding, it can be helpful to have a “small” kit of things that can solve those last-minute “doh!”s. In some cases, a wedding planner or day-of coordinator might have these things in tow. (I once saw a wedding planner with a carry-on-luggage-size bag of “day-of” cures.) However, sans professional, this responsibility typically falls to the maid of honor (or any number of bridesmaids/attendants).

There are lots of lists out there (and there), and even ready-made kits if you feel so inclined. Regardless of how you get started, keep in mind that it is important to customize the items to be sure they suit the bride’s (or groom’s) needs.

I’ll provide the lists I’ve used, but I would love to hear from you. Do you have any tips or tricks for the wedding day? Anything you always make sure to have nearby?