Gone from the registry is the fancy KitchenAid mixer and the clever brownie pan, leaving you with spatulas, measuring spoons, and if you’re lucky, a cookie sheet. Buy up all the “scraps” in the cookware or bakeware section, and then order a related cookbook to send, too.


(cookie sheet, donut cutter, measuring spoons, pastry blender, and spatula all from Williams-Sonoma; BabyCakes cookbook available here)

Sending bakewares to a vegan? Try the BabyCakes series. Sending cookwares to a couple who plans to honeymoon in Paris? Check out Ina Garten’s Barefoot in Paris. Gifting for the culinarily challenged? Can’t go wrong with the all-knowing Betty Crockers Cookbook. Best of all, many oft-registered stores sell books as well (e.g. Williams-Sonoma, Amazon.com, Target, and others), allowing you to send everything together in advance.

What’s your favorite cookbook? Did you buy it yourself or was it a gift?