Buying off the registry is tricky business, but if you’ve looked at the registry and decided that nothing piques your gifting interest, veer off with caution (and include a gift receipt). This post is the first of many in which I suggest gifts that are (probably) not on the registry, but might just fit the bill regardless.

Know any bird lovers? No, not people-with-large-backyards-who-bird-watch (who might appreciate receiving this or this), but rather for people-who-embrace-all-things-bird.

Here are some gift ideas for bird lovers.


Owl Bowls (set of 3) by Uncommon Goods

Bird Oil + Vinegar Set by West Elm

Chicken Timer by Blue Ribbon General Store

Dodo Bird Pillow by CB2

Lovebirds by Lisa Congdon via 20×200

Organic Bird Collage Bed Linens by West Elm

I’m especially partial to the chicken timer; reminds me of the one my mother would set each night as I practiced the piano for exactly 30 minutes.

What are your thoughts on these gifts? Do you have other bird-related items you love?