Buying from the registry can be a drag. Spice things up by combining a gift from the registry with something more personal. This post is just the first in a series of suggestions and nudges about how to make a stock gift something more uniquely from you.

Does the couple pride themselves on being oenophiles? Why not try gifting a set of wine glasses (from the registry) with a membership to a wine club?


Oregon Wine Glasses ($5.95 each) + Wine of the Month, 3-month Red ($150.00)

For New Yorkers, I highly recommend K & D Wine & Spirits Wine of the Month Club, but there are plenty of other options. If you (or the couple) is from a wine region (e.g., California, Long Island, Chile), you could look for an offer that features bottles from that particular area.

One advantage of this gift combination is that you can have the glasses shipped in advance and put a note about the membership in a card, saving you the trouble of bringing anything large and unwieldy to the reception.

Another benefit? The couple will think of you each subsequent month as their monthly bottle(s) arrive.

Are you an oenophile? Would this gift appeal to you?