“Bridesmaid style” used to be an oxymoron. There are entire websites dedicated to the tragedies that bridesmaids have suffered through.  There are entire movie montages dedicated to it.

To be fair, the burden of the bride is tough. It can be hard to find one dress that looks good on everyone. Even women who wear the same size may look extremely different in the same dress. (My roommate and I are prime examples of this. I’m the one to the left, wearing the same size as the purple dress on the right.)

Even brides who try to accommodate different body types by going the “different style/same color” route sometimes run into problems, especially if they prefer consistency across the attendants. If dresses are bought at different branches of a store, they may not be the exact same color (there is often some variation from one role of fabric to the next). And if the dresses are ordered online, the color may be different in person from the pixelated version on the computer.

In the end, if you have been selected and agreed to be a bridesmaid, focus on the valued relationship you have with the bride. Be patient with the bride as she tries to find a reasonable dress while coordinating the invitations and seating assignment and table cards and favors, etc etc etc. And smile when she inevitably says: “you can always shorten it and wear it again,” even if you know there’s a 0% chance of that happening. Realize that the bride is a friend and/or family member, and you only have to wear the dress for one night.


Have you ever worn a bridesmaid dress again? Would you consider it?