Buying off the registry can be tricky. As previously mentioned, couples register for items they would like to own. This is a no-brainer for guests. There are times, though, when you find something that absolutely strikes you as “perfect” for the couple.

(Feeling giving? You can buy this for me from Anthropologie.)

And there are times when you strike gold while hunting bargains.

Le Creuset 13 1/4-Qt Round Dutch ($415.00)/French ($409.99) Oven

If you decide to rebel against all things registry, I encourage providing a gift receipt, and sending early, so that if there is overlap with the registry, the couple can make any necessary changes.

And if 6 months after the wedding, you don’t see your beloved gift in their home? You knew it was a gamble. Forgive them for returning it.


Have you ever given a gift that wasn’t on a registry? What inspired you to break from the norm?