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Also: the three colors a wedding guest is not supposed to wear to another’s nuptials. For many, this rule has gone the way of “no white after Labor Day,” aka fashion obsolescence. However, some traditionally-minded guests, or conservative wedding hosts, might like to hold tight to this policy. Here are some reasons why.

Sadly, black dresses may conjure up images of a scheming Morticia Addams and/or funeral garb.

White dresses can be too bridal, especially if the bride herself wears a short or less gown-like dress. (Pop quiz: Which of these dresses is from a bridal salon?)


(Answer: None.)

As for red, well, there’s a reason there’s an entire song written about a lady in red–a red dress is an attention-grabber. Red dresses may be too tight, too revealing, or just too much look

None of which is tasteful for a wedding environment because it draws eyes away from the deserved centers of attention (i.e. the couple).

Are rules just made to be broken? Or are there occasions when it’s best to play it safe? Stay tuned for some suggestions on skirting these rules…