I do not like to buy gifts from a couple’s registry. (I might not mind as much if I ever had the foresight to buy early enough that the registries were not already picked over leaving only an errant spatula and maybe a couple dish towels.) It feels lazy, which is silly, because if you have ever spoken to a couple about the gift registration process, it requires a lot of time, energy, and negotiation.

That said, couples register for a reason: to allow them to pick out stuff they want. Their taste may not be my taste, but I recognize that ultimately, it doesn’t matter what I like because it’s a gift for them (not me).

Traditional wedding registry style, by Vera Wang for Wedgwood

My traditional style, by Anthropologie

Still, I believe that gifts should represent the giver, too, so I have tried to give gifts from the registry and “personalize” them in some way, by coupling the gift with something personal or adding some sort of personal touch.  Of course, that requires planning in advance, too. I suppose there’s always a gift card to one of the registered stores.

What are your thoughts about buying a gift off a registry? Have you given (or received) a specialized gift from the registry?