It’s June. The month of baseball, mosquitoes, and the summer solstice. And of weddings. LOTS of weddings.

I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of weddings, a hefty title, perhaps, for someone who has never planned her own. And yet, if you take a look at my stats, you might just agree:

  • 19 (est.): Number of weddings I have attended
  • Another half dozen (or so): Number of weddings I was invited to but could not attend
  • 6: Number of weddings in which I have served as an attendant
  • 3: Weddings pending for later this season

And these numbers don’t reflect what I anticipate to be a few rounds of second or third marriages and/or the weddings of ::gasp:: my friend’s children.

Does this make me an expert in wedding planning? Hell no. And that’s OK because there are plenty of existing resources on that topic. (See the list of links to the left for a few of my favorites.) There are not, however, plenty of existing resources for people attending other people’s weddings. And while it seems simple — show up and smile — there is often more to it than that.

So on that note, if you are interested in learning from my mistakes and experiences (and the experiences of people I know), you are in the right place. I hope you stay awhile.